End-of-Year Bundle Offer!

End of Year Bundle
Up to $500 off our most popular bundle! End-of-Year bundle deal going on now until 1/8/16! Click the image to receive your coupon codes!

As the year comes to an end we would like to thank everyone for another successful year! Thanks to long time loyal customers and new we have had such a successful company changing year! From new events (like ASMS), to a new website, and even new products, 2015 was a great year!

As a thank-you to everyone we are delighted to offer an exclusive deal for the end of 2015! We are now offering up to $500 off our most popular bundle! This bundle will include our ever popular ABIRD, the famous CPS, and handy DIS equipment!

Over the next few weeks we will be offering this End-of-Year Bundle and running marketing campaigns via social media and e-mail.

To redeem your offer it is simple! Just keep an eye on your inbox for your coupon! Don’t get our e-mails? No worries! Just click here to get your unique coupon code!

The promotion is process:
1)Everyone who follows the instructions via email or online will get an instant $400 unique coupon code!
2)To unlock your code: Enter your email address and click the blue “Claim Coupon” button.
3)You will be provided a code and have a copy in your e-mail good for $400 off this bundle.
4)If you want to save an addition $100 (Totaling to $500 off the bundle) on the final screen just share our promotion with someone! It’s that easy, and you will be sent another code for $100!
5)To redeem these two codes, enter them in your message field when placing your order request here and we will verify them!

Save up to $500 off the End-of-Year bundle when you claim your $400 code, then get an additional $100 when you share our promotion via email or social media! Bundle includes ABIRD, CPS, and DIS equipment. Offer valid 12/8/15 - 1/8/16. For full details and disclaimer contact us here.