Classic Pulled Tip and Fritted Glass Capillary Columns

We offer high quality “Classic” pulled tip nanospray columns packed with up to 50cm media from Dr. Maisch.

These columns provide fantastic sensitivity and chromatographic resolution of peptides for proteomics analysis. 

  • Polished column inlet for robust unions –unique to our products!
  • Integrated spray tip, 15um orifice
  • uses precolumn liquid junction.
  • 360um OD x 75um ID with 15um tip 

Try out one of these packed with 50cm of Dr. Maisch 1.9um Reprosil-Pur C18-AQ media in your lab today!

We also offer Fritted Glass Capillary columns packed with up to 50cm media from Dr. Maisch.

These columns offer significant performance improvements over pulled tip columns including:

  • Lower operating pressures
  • Higher load capacity
  • post column liquid junction
  • uses steel or glass emitters, like PepSep products!
  • 75um ID 360um OD x up to 50cm media of your choice
  • perfect with our nanospray tip assemblies or your own version of the same!

Coupled to a steel emitter tip with a VICI union (another product line we are now supplying for our customers convenience) these columns outperform pulled tip columns with a wider dynamic range of sample load as well as reduced operating pressures and consistent spray quality. They also cost less then pulled tip columns, but first get in touch with us for a quote today and find out yourself how good these work!