PepSep Products

Big NEWS: we are the exclusive US distributor of TOP quality PepSep products!

We know how you like steel emitter tips but HATE spending so much money on them.

We have a fresh stock of these cut to 4cm, with 150um OD 30um ID.

Try out these top quality stainless steel emitters made by our friends in Denmark.

These are In STOCK NOW, so hurry and get some ordered up today!





Hey, these work GREAT in our custom nanospray tip assembly!
So let’s see what we have here… Ah!
–  A PepSep steel nanospray needle
 – in a custom nanospray tip assembly for the Flex Ion source  
– VICI parts for a post column liquid junction.
– Add an auxiliary light source,
– an ABIRD of course, and this source is really tricked right out! 

Learn more about about our custom nanospray tip assemblies on THIS  PAGE (link).