Nanospray Tip Assembly

New from ESI Source Solutions!

Designed for the Heat Wave nanospray source, it is readily adaptable to many other sources currently on the market.

Nanospray Tip Assembly on the Heatwave Source

Features include:

  • Magnetically positioned tip holder
  • In-site design shows all components  
  • Fast installation and removal of tip holders
  • Integral post-column liquid junction using VICI steel micro union
  • Use one or more spray tips
  • Slim design, less than ½” high
  • Ready for custom installation

20151209_200749Use of this device requires using the CPS and VICI nanospray parts. When used together, they provide a highly optimized capillary UPLC system.  Uncoated pulled fused silica tips (360u OD, 20um ID, 10um tip) provide the best results, and with by a skilled operator (or sufficient practice and training), a smooth consistent nanospray can be obtained for extended analytical runs.