ProNet LIVE!

ProNet LIVE! is a mixture of less than 1% each of a pluronic non-ionic sutfactant and non-ionic detergent in isotonic PBS or TBS, sterile filtered and distributed in 100ml bottles.

ProNet LIVE! is non-toxic, non-flamable. Not for medical use, research purposes only.

ProNET LIVE! a cell lysis buffer which has been shown to:Have the highest protein recoveries like a strong reducing detergent (SDS or urea) even for membrane proteins.Retain an unmatched level of native protein activity!

ProNET LIVE! reduces non-specific binding while enhancing canonical binding for immunoprecipitation (IP)-LC-MS/MS experiments.

ProNET LIVE! can be used in a variety of common protein purification and characterization protocols:

  • cell lysis
  • IP with high specificity
  • protein network studies

ProNetLIVE Cell Lysis Buffer