Available now in collaboration with CorSolutions and part of a complete Capillary Workstation is yet another unique product.

 cpv pv-3000

The PV-3000 is a compact vessel designed for packing capillary columns, fluid delivery for microfluidic devices, and sample introduction for nanoelectrospray. The unit accommodates up to a 2 mL sample vial (up to 45mm in height) and accepts a 1/8″ gas inlet tube. The gas pressurizes the sample vial and delivers the fluid contents of the vial out a capillary or 1/16″ tube. The gas driven flow results in pulse-free fluid delivery. Other inlet and exit sizes are possible with the use of adapters. The PV-3000 has a maximum operating pressure of 3000 psi. Also includes the controlled vent to prevent column bed shock.
the pv-3000